Monday, 6 April 2015

FREE Hypnosis MP3 for Anti Stress, Better Sleep, Focus your mind and much more FREE

"Change Your Life with Hypnosis MP3s"

 Hypnosis can be an incredibly powerful tool for changing your life.

You see the posters everywhere: "Lose weight with hypnosis!", "Stop smoking with hypnosis!"

But who really has the time or money to attend weekly sessions with a hypnotherapist? Not to mention the potential embarrassment of the whole experience?

Thankfully there is a solution. And it goes by the name of Hypnosis Live.

 Hypnosis Live is a website dedicated to providing instantly downloadable hypnosis MP3 audio.

Just listen in the comfort of your own home -- they claim -- and experience powerful, lasting change, within just one or two listening sessions.

Unlike most hypnotherapists, the Hypnosis Live site caters for over 200 different uses for hypnosis - covering everything from a fear of injections to improving your singing skills.
FREE MP3 Stress Relief Hypnosis

 Here are some of their most popular programs:

-- MONEY: Get richer by adopting a multi-millionaire's mindset
-- MEMORY: Seriously boost your memory and brainpower
-- WEIGHT LOSS: Program yourself to lose weight and get toned
-- CONFIDENCE: Turbo-charge your confidence levels, quickly
-- STOP SMOKING: Stop smoking forever, tried and tested route
-- PHOBIAS: Instantly dissolve absolutely any fear or phobia

Confidence Boosting, the Easy Way

This all sounds excellent -- but how do their hypnosis MP3 downloads perform? I decided to try one out for myself -- their "Instant Self-Confidence" MP3 session.

Purchasing was easy, and prices very reasonable, going as low as $4.95 when buying multiple. So I quickly downloaded the audio to my iPhone and began listening.

The whole experience lasted around 40 minutes. It started with a little conversation, then helped me to relax into a deep state of awareness. It felt incredibly relaxing. Then the hypnotherapist -- in a conversational tone -- helped to "reprogram" my confidence for optimal success. Combining both hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, the session helped to rewire the way I thought about myself, and taught me a simple "thumb-and-forefinger" trick for rocketing my confidence levels, whenever I needed a boost.
Hypnosis Live FREE MP3 Gift

 The session brought me back to regular waking life soon after, and I could instantly feel the benefits. I felt relaxed, content, but with a firm sense of self-worth.

Later that week, I had two big chances to use my new-found confidence skills, and the finger "brain hack" I'd been taught. On both occasions, my confidence glowed, and I performed at my absolute best.

And all after listening to the session just once. Pleased? Yes -- perhaps even a little ecstatic!

My Hypnotic Conclusion

For me, there's no doubt about it -- my confidence-boosting hypnosis session really paid off.

I felt an instant boost that has stayed with me over the past weeks.

The Hypnosis Live MP3 audio session was exceptionally high quality, and combining both hypnosis and NLP in a single session proved incredibly powerful.

My mini adventure into the world of hypnosis has truly inspired me. It's not just for stopping smoking. It could genuinely help anyone to become a money magnet, boost their brainpower, lose weight, rocket their confidence, get rid of fears, and much, much more. And all you have to do is click 'play', sit back, and listen.

In brief, I highly recommend Hypnosis Live!

(Plus, visit their 'gift' page at and you can also receive a FREE 'Eliminate Stress' hypnosis MP3, to try out their sessions for yourself.)
FREE MP3 Stress Relief

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Pros: Excellent hypnosis MP3s, budget prices, actually works!
Cons: No telephone support.

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