Saturday, 2 May 2015

Review: Ultimate Law of Attraction and Law of Attraction Secrets, Learn how to apply the Law of Attraction

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Dear Law of Attraction Friends

1. Is the Law of Attraction working for you or against you?

 2. Gain the power to manifest anything you want
Ultimate Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction is one of the most popular tools for personal growth.

However, people seem to be misusing it. For some, the Law of Attraction is working against them rather than for them.

Learn how you can properly use this tool the right way:

Most people are not aware that they are attracting what they don't want in life. If they keep on focusing on what they don't want, they will keep on getting stuck in vicious cycles.

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Ultimate Law of Attraction
If you have watched 'The Secret', you will learn that it is the holy grail when it comes to manifestation.

But just like any treasure hunter, they wind up stepping into the wrong cave and they are devoured by their mistakes.

This is the same with the Law of Attraction. When you misuse it it will create disastrous results like:

1. Manifesting all the wrong things

Most people focus on what they don't want rather than what they want. If someone is worried about debt, they should focus on creating profits rather than the lack of it. As a result, more debt shows up.

2. Focusing on the lack

Gratitude is a very important element to practice. If you do not have gratitude, you will spend a lot of time attracting lack and scarcity. Your 'hole' will become bigger and bigger.

3. You start to lose faith in yourself

The Law of Attraction is fair. It gives you exactly what you ask for. So if you start getting disappointed, don't blame the Law of Attraction and lose faith in yourself. It is the beginning of a downward spiral.

That is why it gets worse when you blame yourself or others.

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Ultimate Law of Attraction



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