Thursday, 26 February 2015

Review: How to Mastering your Mindset with John Assaraf. If you want to change this is the HOW

Mastering Your Mindset:

According to the latest brain research, our ability to manage our thoughts, emotions and behaviors is a learned ability that anyone can master. Our success is no longer determined by our current results, circumstances or even genetics. We now have the ability to shape our results by learning how to retrain our own brains deliberately.
Mastering Your Mindset
John has a great program Mastering Your Mindset, PraxisNow. Please Be sure to have some time before following the link below. If you decide to look at this video, then reserve the time for it!
Mastering Your Mindset
“Revealed! The Scientifically Proven Secret to Shatter Your Limitations, Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success and Finally Achieve Your Wildest Dreams”
In this provocative, fun and life transforming keynote presentation, John Assaraf will engage and dazzle your audience with cutting-edge brain research that will positively transform their perceptions and beliefs about what they can achieve.
By learning a few simple “Innercises,” audience members will learn how to release any of the mental blockages that are holding them back and they will engage in a revolutionary process to tap into their absolute genius and inner wisdom.
Here are a few things they will learn:

  • Use a part of their brain that is millions of times faster than Google to help them find what they need to succeed
  • How to achieve significantly greater life and business achievements – in just seven minutes a day
  • Quickly let go of limiting beliefs, habits and emotions that hinder their success
  • Release the doubts, fears and anxieties that keep them from achieving their best
  • Stop sweating the “small stuff” that consumes precious brain power and time
  • Develop unstoppable confidence and certainty in their abilities to achieve whatever they set in their minds

Mastering Your Mindset

This program is fun, fast and filled with easy-to-apply tools that will give audience members more than just a good motivational feeling. It will give them the tools to predictably transform their lives and results forever.


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